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  • Rules & Regulations for Groundwater Use in Fully & Over Appropriated Areas
  • Groundwater Quality Management Plan
  • Groundwater Quantity Management Plan- includes Rules & Regulations for Fully & Overappropriated Areas

  • Integrated Management Plan with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources



  • Waterbank and Variance Requests

    Information on Waterbank  | Contact: Luke Zakrzewski or Angela Warner     Contact for Variances: Dan Clement


    NOTE-These permits are not variances to expand irrigated acres. No new irrigated acres are allowed in the Central Platte NRD without offsetting other irrigated acres and an approved variance from the District.


    Well Registration

  • Current Nebraska laws require that all water wells be registered with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Exceptions to the law include test holes in existence for 10 days or less, dewatering wells with intended use of 90 days or less, and domestic/livestock wells completed prior to Sept. 9, 1993.

  • Water well contractors are responsible for filling the well registration information for newly constructed water wells with DNR within 60 days of well completion. Well owners are responsible for registering existing wells that have not been previously registered with DNR. Registration forms and information are available at DNR's offices and on their website. Failure to register water wells is a Class IV misdemeanor under Nebraska law. If you have any questions about well registrations, contact DNR's main office at: 1-402-999-9999 or any of the five field offices.
  • Search the Nebraska Dept. of Natural Resources's Well Registration InformationHere | DNR Forms Here

    Well Permits

  • Well and Transfer Applications

  • New Well Permit
  • Surface Water to Groundwater Well Permit 
  • Expedited Supplemental Groundwater Water Well
  • Supplemental to Surface Water Well Permit
  • Municipal Well Permit
  • Industrial Well Permit
  • Domestic Well (Over 50 GPM) Permit
  • Transfer Location of Groundwater Use Water Well Permit
  • Replacement Well Permit 
  • Change of Ownership
  • *Cost share is available to decommission your old well: