December Board Meeting

December 16, 2022

Board of Directors Meeting     December 15, 2023
Central Platte NRD Approves Amended Water Service Agreement

The Central Platte Natural Resources District (CPNRD) Board of Directors approved an amended water service agreement in the amount of $1.2 million with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (NeDNR) and Tri-Basin NRD at their monthly meeting on Thursday.  The agreement allows the NeDNR to pay Central Nebraska Public Power & Irrigation District (Central) $19,100,000.00 in advance to divert water into the E-65 Canal, Phelps Canal, Elwood Reservoir and various waterfowl production areas to provide aquifer recharge for 15 years.  Central Platte NRD will receive credit for 25% of the excess flows (500-2,500 AF/year) that will provide seepage back to the Platte River. The $1.2 million was being held at the Nebraska Community Foundation.

-Nominating Committee  The Nominating Committee recommended Mick Reynolds of Wood River for Board Chairman, and Jerry Wiese of Grand Island for Vice-Chairman. Board officers may serve two, two-year terms. Reynolds and Wiese have served one term and are eligible for re-election. The election will be held at the January 26th Board of Directors meeting.

-Building Committee  Mick Reynolds reported that the Building Committee met on December 14th.  JEO presented draft detailed schematic designs on the proposed education/office building. The designs and estimated costs will be provided to the Board when finalized.  The Board also approved drilling a well at the location to test for water quality.

-Stream Gauge  The Board approved installation of a camera near the streamgage in Grand Island along the Platte River to track current flows and ice conditions for three years in the amount of $14,985,00. The Platte River Recovery Implementation Program will reimburse the NRD for 50% of the maintenance costs in the amount of $4,700. The camera will be located on the Hwy 34 bridge and take photos every 15 minutes. The photos will be available on the USGS website. The streamgage collects data used for the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program and management decisions.

-Lease Agreement  The Board approved a dryland lease agreement with Tyler Kugler for $125/acre on 151 acres that CPNRD owns in Dawson County. Kugler owns the power unit and pivot that is on the property which is adjacent to the Orchard Alfalfa Canal. CPNRD purchased the property for future potential uses such as water delivery and/or capture with the intent of retiming water back to the Platte River to assist CPNRD with its Integrated Management Plan goals and to provide water back to the river to achieve offset goals. The lease was approved from March 1 to December 15, 2023.

-Voting Delegates   The board elected Jim Bendfeldt of Kearney as voting delegate and Jay Richeson of Gothenburg as alternate for the Nebraska Association of Resources District’s Legislative Conference to be held in January at the Embassy Suites in Lincoln, NE.

-Managers Report  Lyndon Vogt, General Manager, reported on the following:

Groundwater Management Plan: Olsson is in the process of making minor changes to the GWMP that were suggested by the other entities that reviewed it. We have received the updated version and will be forwarding it to NeDNR for final review and comment. The CPNRD board will set a hearing date after final review.

Board Retreat:  The Board’s annual retreat will be held February 9, 2023, at Stuhr Museum in Grand Island.

Violations:  Andrew Blessin, Rick Collins, Michael Kelliher and William Soll have all received letters from CPNRD’s legal counsel giving them one last opportunity to come into compliance prior to legal action.

Perkins County Canal:  The firm hired to do the feasibility study presented their findings to the Appropriations Committee on December 2nd.  The project has a positive benefit ratio and its future will be discussed during the 2023 legislative session. The cost is approximately $600,000,000.

-Natural Resources Conservation Service  Joe Krolikowski, District Conservationist, provided updates on staff changes in each of the field offices within the Central Platte NRD.

-Cost-Share  Nine applications for brush management, center pivot incentive, tree planting, flow meters and well decommissioning were approved through the Nebraska Soil & Water Conservation Program and CPNRD cost-share programs in the amount of $30,684.79.

-CPNRD Service Recognition Awards  Recognition awards were presented to the following Board and staff:
NARD Hall of Fame- Director of the Year: Jim Bendfeldt
25 years: Barry Obermiller, Director
15 years: Brian Keiser, Director
15 years: Steve Sheen, Director
15 years: Ed Stoltenberg, Director
15 years: Jesse Mintken, Assistant Manager
10 years: Shane Max, Resources Conservationist; Jim Harris, Thirty Mile Irrigation District Manager; Mike Ostergard, Thirty Mile Technician; and Marci Ostergard, Thirty Mile Secretary

-Upcoming Board Meetings  January 26, February 23, March 23