March Board Action

March 26, 2021

Central Platte NRD to Start Dam Rehabilitations

The Central Platte Natural Resources District’s (CPNRD) Board of Directors approved an amendment with JEO Consulting, Lincoln, in the amount of $13,600 on updated design improvements for three dams in the District. The NRD has 40 dams that are nearing their 50-year lifespan. The following dam updates will initiate a long-term plan to replace, update, or remove the aging structures:

  • Box Elder 5A in Buffalo County: channel improvements downstream, dredging around the drawdown, riprap along the dam face.
  • Clear Creek 5 in Polk County: complete replacement of the drawdown with structural elements, riprap along the dam face, repair of slough in auxiliary spillway, leveling of a low portion of the top of dam.
  • Jones 1A in Polk County: replace riser and spillway pipe.

The bidding process is anticipated later this spring with construction to begin in the fall.


-Violation Report  Luke Zakrzewski, GIS Image Analyst, reported that there were no repeat offenders for the 2020 irrigation season. Of the 47 violations, 39 are resolved or nearly resolved and eight will receive additional paperwork next week.

-Upper Prairie/Silver/Moores Project  A contract amendment with JEO in the amount of $70,186.50 was approved for project management and updates to the Operation & Maintenance manuals for recent changes to the overall project including: the newly constructed access road at the detention cell, new grade control structure at the detention cell, and results from ongoing Flood Alert tasks.

-Drop Structure Replacement  A contract amendment with JEO in the amount of $12,000 was approved for the NRCS Emergency Watershed Protection Drop Structure Project. The additional funds were requested because the amount of work involved with securing the 404 permit was greater than originally anticipated.

-Programs Committee  The board approved the Programs Committee’s recommendations for the:
•  Outdoor Classroom Program: The school application will state that the outdoor classroom site must be located on public property.
•  Cost-Share Program: Surge valve cost-share will be removed from the CPNRD-Nebraska Soil & Water Conservation Program effective immediately.

-Managers Report   Lyndon Vogt, General Manager, provided the following updates to the board:
•  Legislation: LB 408 is the main bill out of committee that could have consequences on the NRD’s budget in the future. It allows Natural Resources Districts to increase tax asking 3% per year, or 9% over 3 years, but removes unused budget authority if the increase is not taken every year. Changes to the bill are still possible.

  • NRD Lexington Office: The new office at Thirty Mile Irrigation District will be finished this month.
  • Canals: All three of the canals we partner with (Cozad, Thirty Mile, Southside) have signed the 30-year Acreage Reserve Program. The Program will assist the CPNRD in meeting our Integrated Management Plan goals and protect water rights of the canals at the same time.
  • Written updates on all the NRD’s projects were provided to the board.

-Variance Request   The board denied a request to allow uncertified irrigated acres to be certified as irrigated from a Hall County landowner.

-Policy and By-Laws  The board approved updates to the Central Platte NRD’s General Policy and By-Laws.

-2022 Fiscal Year Budget  Proposed budgets for Cost-Share and Information/Education programs were reviewed and will be forwarded to the Budget Committee.  The Eastern Projects and Western Projects committees reviewed their budgets and will meet in April for further discussion.

-Cost-Share   14 applications in the amount of $31,909.76 were approved through the NSWCP and Central Platte NRD cost-share programs for tree planting, center pivot, flow meters and well decommissioning.

-Natural Resources Conservation Service  Joe Krolikowski, District Conservationist, reported that the Local Working Group recently held their FY2022 meeting. The Group recommends how conservation programs would be used most effectively in their area to the NRCS State Conservationist by evaluating and prioritizing the resource concerns through their Natural Resources District. These recommendations include special target areas, cost-share rates, which conservation practices should have cost assistance, and the anticipated amount of funding needed.

Krolikowski said after reviewing the current cost-share programs available to producers in the Central Platte NRD, the recommendation was to continue with the current programs available; and to combine the two grazing fund pools into one pool for FY2022.

-Staff Presentations  Tom Backer, Projects Assistant, and Bill Hiatt, Resources Conservationist, gave presentations on their staff responsibilities.

-Public Forum  Jim Ford, Cairo, spoke to the board regarding availability of dirt from the Upper Prairie/Silver/Moores Project.  The request will be discussed by the Eastern Projects Committee in April.

-Upcoming Board Meetings  April 22, May 27, June 24