10% Discount on Trees & Shrubs

November 30, 2023

Have you ordered your tree & shrub seedlings for spring planting? Place your order by December 31st to receive a 10% discount on trees, weed barrier & tree planting services.

COST: $1.25 per tree – sold in bundles of 25.  Receive 25 trees for $31.25 | 100 trees for $125
Cost-share is available for trees & weed barrier at 50%. 200+ trees must be ordered to receive cost-share funds.

Shrubs   American Hazel, American Plum, Amur Maple, Caragana, Chokecherry, Common Lilac, Elderberry, False Indigo, Golden Currant, Peking Cotoneaster, Red-Osier Dogwood, Serviceberry, Silver Buffaloberry, Skunkbush Sumac

Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Bur Oak, Cottonwood, Hackberry, Manchurian Apricot, Midwest Crabapple, Red Oak, Silver Maple, Swamp White Oak   SOLD OUT: Catalpa

Black Hills Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Eastern Red Cedar, Norway Spruce,  Ponderosa Pine, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Southwestern White Pine

**Contact: Kelly Cole at (308) 395-7134 |   You may also order from your local NRCS office.


Packages for Small Acreages   

     50 seedlings for $65 (10 of each tree)  

ORDER FORM  for trees, shrubs, weed barrier & small acreage packages

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