CPNRD & NSWCP Cost-Share

Cost-Share Policy

All applications MUST BE APPROVED before starting your project. All producers applying for cost-share through the CPNRD must be in compliance with the rules and regulations of the NRD’s

Natural Resources Conservation Service FY Summary for CPNRD Field Offices

  • Central City – 114 contracts - $640,274 including 22,832.7 acres
  • Grand Island – 35 contracts - $313,969.59 including 3,946.8 acres
  • Kearney – 15 contracts - $375,729.89 including 3,956.4 acres
  • Lexington – 34 contracts - $816,820.05 including 8,660.6 acres

Program Funding

  • Water Conservation: $1,080,287.53 (43 contracts/4,383.6 acres)
  • Grazing Lands: $164,253 (9 contracts/3,026.8 acres)
  • Soil Health: $823,329 (144 contracts/30,727.9 acres)
  • Forestry: $61,696 (2 contracts/1,204.4 acres)

Cost-Share Programs

Descriptions and applications for all cost-share programs offered through the Nebraska Soil & Water Conservation Program and the Central Platte NRD.

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Page # Cost-Share Programs Applications/Descriptions
1 Central Platte NRD Cost-Share Programs List of Programs
2 Nebraska Soil & Water Conservation Programs & Central Platte NRD Cost-Share Programs List of Practices
3 Explanation of Compliance Sheet | Approval Letter Example for Cost-Share Explanation
4-5 NSWCP (State funds)
Terms for irrigation water management & drip irrigation systems
NSWCP Eligible Practices
6-12 NSWCP Eligible Practices:
Terrace systems
Underground outlets
Water impoundment dams
Grade stabilization structures
Tailwater recovery pits
Water & Sediment control basins
Livestock water dugouts
Pasture planting
Range seeding
Critical area planting (grass) Windbreaks
Return pipe/recovery pits
Planned grazing
Surge valves
Windbreak renovation
Irrigation water management
Streambank stabilization
Repair of practices
Brush management
NSWCP Eligible Practices
13 Flow Meter Cost-Share Program Purpose


14 Streambank Stabilization Cost-Share Program Purpose


15 Well Decommissioning Cost-Share Program Purpose
16 Center Pivot Incentive- Purpose of Cost-Share & Program Specifications | Continuous Sign-Up Information Purpose


18 Tree Planting & Weed Barrier Guidelines
Tree Planting Plan
Sales Tax Exemption Form 13
19 Acceptance Letter Example Example
20 Urban Forestry Program Purpose


22 Prescribed Burn Cost-Share Program Purpose


23 WILD Nebraska Purpose
24 Corners for Wildlife Purpose



25 Buffer Strips | Description & Guidelines | Ranking Points Calculation Purpose



30 Buffer Strip Program Description & Guidelines | Ranking Points Calculation Program


31 Buffer Strip Application Buffer S AppPage 31
32 Buffer Strip Ranking Point Calculations BufferS Ranking Page 32
35 Prescribed Burn Application Application
37 Well Decommissioning Application (Funding change made July 2013) Application
38 NSWCP Application/Payment Claim Agreement
39 NSWCP Planned Grazing System Justification Application
40 NSWCP Irrigation Water Management Practice Agreement
41 W-9 Form- Request for Taxpayer ID Number Certification | General Instructions W-9 Form
46 Tree Guidelines Guidelines
47 Tree & Weed Barrier Costs Charges
49 Ground Preparation Ground Preparation
58 Central Basin CREP Program | Buffer Strip Payment Calculation Contract


62 Phragmites Cost-Share Program Purpose


64 Streambank Stabilization Program Application
65 Soil Moisture Sensor Program | Compliance Form Purpose


68 Cover Crop Program Purpose


70 Groundwater Quality Management Program Requirements (Chart) Chart
71 Grazing Deferment Program Purpose
72 Grazing Deferment Application Application
73 Burn Preparation Application CS Burn Prep App
74 Burn Preparation Information CS Burn Prep Description
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