CPNRD & NSWCP Cost-Share

Cost-Share  Opportunities 

The Central Platte NRD and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) have a wide range of cost-share opportunities that are offered through several different programs and initiatives. These include the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP), High Tunnel Initiative and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).  These programs and initiatives are available to assist producers in a wide variety of sectors ranging from small scale urban specialty crop production, annual row crop production, organic production, forage production and livestock production. Producers can work with NRCS staff to implement practices on certain areas of their operation or across their entire operation. 

NEW! Sensor-Based Management of Fertigation Cost Share Program for producers who want to try data driven nitrogen management. Cost share: $11/acre, 2-year commitment. Application/details below pages 53-54. See NTV's Steve White's interview with CPNRD producers Anthony & Noah Seim who have seen positive results with this groundbreaking program & hear from Joe Luck, Nebraska Extension, on why he see this approach as the way forward.  INTERVIEW

For more information on these cost-share opportunities and how they can fit into your operation contact your local NRCS office:
Buffalo County NRCS (308) 237-3118 ext. 3
Dawson County NRCS (308) 324-6314 ext. 3
Hall County NRCS (308) 395-8586 ext. 3
Merrick County NRCS (308) 946-3035 ext. 3
RCPP Funding Opportunities     details

Producers learning about N-Time offered by Sentinel Fertigation which has proven to reduce nitrogen inputs with the same or better yields. CPNRD's new Sensor-Based Management of Fertigation Cost Share Program gives producers an incentive to try nitrogen efficiency programs including N-Time. Application & Program Description listed below on Pages 53 and 54.

Cost-Share Programs

Descriptions and applications for all cost-share programs offered through the Central Platte NRD and the Nebraska Soil & Water Conservation Program.

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Page # Cost-Share Programs Applications/Descriptions
Table of Contents Table
1 Central Platte NRD Cost-Share Programs List of Programs
2 Explanation of Compliance Sheet | Approval Letter Example for Cost-Share Explanation
4 NSWCP (State funds) NSWCP Eligible Practices
5 Terms for Irrigation Water Management & Drip Irrigation Systems
6 NSWCP Eligible Practices:
Terrace Systems, Underground Outlets, Water Impoundment Dams,
Grade Stabilization Structures
NC 1-NC 4 Practices
7 NSWCP Eligible Practices:
Tailwater Recovery Pits, Diversions, Grassed Waterways
Water & Sediment Control Basins
NC 5-NC 8 Practices
8 NSWCP Eligible Practices:
Water & Sediment Control Basins (continued), Livestock Water Dugouts
Pasture Planting and Range Seeding, Critical Area planting (grass)
NC 8-NC 11 Practices
9 NSWCP Eligible Practices:
Windbreaks, Underground Return Pipe/Recovery Pits, Planned Grazing
NC 12-NC 14 Practices
10 NSWCP Eligible Practices:
Planned Grazing (continued), Windbreak Renovation
NC 14- NC 16 Practices
11 NSWCP Eligible Practices:
Windbreak Renovation (continued), Irrigation Water Management
NC 16- NC 17 Practices
12 NSWCP Eligible Practices:
Irrigation Water Management, Streambank Stabilization, Repair of Practices
Brush Management- mechanical and chemical
NC 17- NC 20 Practices
13 Flow Meter Cost-Share Program Purpose
14 Streambank Stabilization Cost-Share Program Purpose
15 Well Decommissioning Cost-Share Program Purpose
16 Center Pivot Incentive- Purpose of Cost-Share & Program Specifications Purpose
17 Center Pivot Continuous Sign-Up Purpose
18 Wind Break & Weed Barrier
Tree Planting Plan
Sales Tax Exemption Form 13
19 Acceptance Letter Example Example
20-21 Urban Forestry Program Purpose
22 Prescribed Burn Cost-Share Program Purpose
23 WILD Nebraska Purpose
24 Corners for Wildlife Purpose
25 Buffer Strips | Description & Guidelines | Ranking Points Calculation Purpose
26 Corners for Wildlife Payment Options
30 Buffer Strip Program Description & Guidelines | Ranking Points Calculation Program
31 Buffer Strip Application Buffer Strips App
32 Buffer Strip Ranking Point Calculations Buffer Strip Ranking
33 Center Pivot Incentive Phase II/III Application
35 Prescribed Burn Application Application
37 Well Decommissioning Application Application
38 NSWCP Application/Payment Claim Agreement
39 NSWCP Planned Grazing System Justification Application
40 NSWCP Irrigation Water Management Practice Agreement
41 W-9 Form- Request for Taxpayer ID Number Certification | General Instructions W-9 Form
46 Tree Planting Guidelines Guidelines
47 Tree Planting Cost Tree Planting Cost
48 Weed Barrier Cost/Installation Guidelines Weed Barrier Cost
49 Ground Preparation Ground Preparation
52 District Tree Planting Check List for Landowners Requirements 
53 Sensor Based Management of Fertigation Application
54 Sensor Based Fertigation Description & Guidelines Purpose
58 Central Basin CREP Program
Buffer Strip Payment Calculation
62 Phragmites Cost-Share Program Purpose
64 Streambank Stabilization Program Application
65 Soil Moisture Sensor Program
Compliance Form
68 Cover Crop Program
Effective July 1, 2024 Cover Crop cost share will increase to 50% up to $2,000
70 Groundwater Quality Management Program Requirements (Chart) Chart
71 Grazing Deferment Program Purpose
72 Grazing Deferment Application
74 Burn Preparation Program Description
77 Burn Preparation Application Application