Trees & Weed Barrier

Central Platte NRD has sold 3.8 million trees since 1972 and 613 miles of weed barrier since 1991.

Thank you to those who visited our booth at the Gateway Expo in Kearney. Tree winners this year are: George Janning, Jamie Lavaka, David Peckham and Janice Lans. 


Trees & Shrubs

33 Species Available:

  • Shrubs  Sandcherry, Silver Buffaloberry, Skunkbush Sumac, Amur Maple, Caragana, Chokecherry, Peking Cotoneaster, Red-Osier Dogwood
    Sold Out: American Hazel, American Plum, Black Chokeberry, Common Lilac, Elderberry, False Indigo, Golden Currant, Serviceberry 

  • Deciduous/Hardwoods Black Cherry, Black Walnut, Bur Oak,  Cottonwood, Hackberry, Swamp White Oak
            Sold Out: Catalpa, Manchurian Apricot, Midwest Crabapple, Red Oak, Silver Maple 

  • Conifers Colorado Blue Spruce, Eastern Red Cedar, Norway Spruce, Rocky Mountain Juniper
    Sold Out: Black Hills Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, Southwestern White Pine 

COST: $1 per tree, sold in bundles of 25  |   $25/25 trees or $100/100 trees
Cost-Share is available for trees & weed barrier at 50%.  200+ trees must be ordered to receive cost-share funds.


Packages for Small Acreages   All Packages are Sold Out for 2023

50 seedlings for $60 (10 of each tree)  *Click on each Package link below for details*

  • Flowering Package
    Serviceberry, Midwest Crabapple, Common Lilac, Red-Osier Dogwood, Caragana
  • Wildlife Package 
    Chokecherry, American Plum, Elderberry, Golden Currant, Red-Osier Dogwood   
  • Eastern Nebraska
    Bur Oak, Peking Cotoneaster, Swamp White Oak, Midwest Crabapple, Black Chokeberry
  • Western Nebraska 
    Ponderosa Pine, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Bur Oak, Chokecherry, American Plum
ORDER FORM  for trees, shrubs, weed barrier & small acreage packages
Ponderosa Pine Windbreak






Planting Service

A complete tree planting service is available for orders of 200+ trees. Service includes a tree crew with all necessary equipment. When arrangements are made for the NRD to plant the trees, the tree planting crew will deliver them to the landowner at planting time.
Cost:  .45 cents/tree planted    The minimum charge is $180.

It is the landowners responsibility to prep the site. The area to be planted should be prepared as if a garden or field crop were being planted. Plowing and then disking or roto-tilling the ground will establish an excellent seedbed. Survival of your trees greatly depends on excellent ground preparation. Autumn is the best time to begin preparing the soil for tree planting because the winter weather allows the soil to mellow.

Tree Planting Guide


Spacing Between Rows

              • Cedar trees: 10-14′
              • Pine trees: 10-18′
              • Deciduous: 12-16′ apart
              • Shrubs: 4′ apart

Weed Barrier Program


Fabric weed barrier is offered for long-lasting protection against weeds without constant effort and damage to the seedlings or the environment. The black polypropylene fabric has the appearance of tightly woven burlap that allows water and nutrients to absorb into the soil. The material has a minimum service life of five years guaranteed.

  • Fabric: 6’ wide
    .50 cents/lineal foot + tax
  • Sheets of Fabric: 4’x4’ sheets
    $1.75 /sheet
  • Staples: 10”x 2”x 8” gauge
    .15 cents each
  • Fabric & Installation:  1,000 linear feet minimum required. Customers billed for actual feet after the job is completed.
    .80 cents per linear feet + tax. 50% payment of estimated installation cost is required when order is placed.

NOTE: As your trees grow, it's important to cut the fabric back to allow the trunk to have sufficient space and to prevent girdling.  VIDEO