Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) formed by the Nebraska Legislature
Conservation Tree Sales Began
Over 3.5 million sold in Central Platte NRD
Irrigation Run-Off Rules & Regulations Implemented
Master Plan developed for the NRD's land, water & other natural resources
Groundwater Demonstration Project Began
Worked with producers on 400+ sites to research best management practices and techniques.
Implemented the first Ground Water Management Plan
Implemented CPNRD's Erosion & Sediment Control Plan
Water Well Permit Program Developed
Central Platte NRD's Instream Flow Rights Approved
Platte River Recovery Implementation Program Implemented
Frontier County petitioned and was added back into the Central Platte NRD.
Prescribed Fire Program was Implemented.
The NRD has conducted 258 burns totaling 40,629 acres.
Cooperative Hydrology Study Began
Certified Irrigated Acres
Central Platte NRD certified all irrigated acres in the District from 2006 - 2014.
The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources Designated parts of CPNRD Over and Fully Appropriated
CPNRD's Water Bank was initiated- the first Water Bank established in Nebraska
Hazard Mitigation Plan Developed
The Plan helps communities during natural disasters.
Lyndon Vogt took over as General Manager
Vogt replaced Ron Bishop who was CPNRD's manager from 1972-2013.