Instream Flow Review

May 23, 2024


The Central Platte Natural Resources District (CPNRD) hereby announces review of instream flow appropriations granted to the CPNRD in 1994 and previously reviewed in 2009.  In accordance with Nebraska Revised Statute 46-2, 112, the subject Platte River Instream Flow Water Rights (A-17004 A,B,C; A-17007 B,C; A-17008 A,B,C; and A-17009) are up for 15-year review on the upcoming anniversary of the October 5, 2009 review approval.
These water appropriations are instream flow appropriations on various reaches of the Platte River generally between Lexington and Columbus, Nebraska, for the maintenance of habitat for four bird species including the whooping crane (endangered), sandhill crane, least tern and piping plover (threatened).  The flows specified are either a factor in providing bird habitat in the Platte Valley or a factor in providing habitat for food sources consumed by the birds.  More information is available at: and
CPNRD concludes that these appropriations continue to be used beneficially for the purposes for which they were granted, are in the public interest, and should continue in effect without modification.  CPNRD proposes no modifications in the flow quantity, river reach, time period, or purpose of the appropriations.
Interested person(s) may file comments related to the review or may request a hearing to present evidence relevant to such review to the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources, 245 Fallbrook Blvd., Suite 201, Lincoln, NE 68521-6729.  Comments or requests for hearing shall state the person’s interest, the basis of the comments and/or request and shall be accompanied by a $10 filing fee.
Comments and/or requests must be received by the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources by 18 July 2024.